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高考英语语法练习--主谓一致 简介:高考英语语法练习--主谓一致1、Not only I but also Jane and Mary tired of having one examination after another.A、is B、are C、am D、be2、The number of …
高考英语语法练习--主谓一致       ★★★★★
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1、Not only I but also Jane and Mary tired of having one examination after another.
A、is B、are C、am D、be
2、The number of people invited fifty,but a number of them absent for different reasons.
A、were;was B、was;was C、was;were D、were;were
3、It is on the desk your two books.
A、where are B、that is lying C、which lie D、that are
4、Every possible means to prevent the air pollution,but the sky is still not clear.
A、is used B、are used C、has been used D、have been used
5、 is .Which is wrong?
A、Two minutes;a long vacation for the students B、One and a half dollars(yard);not enough
C、The New York Times;published daily D、800 miles;long distance
6、Who did the teacher,as well as the monitor, an article for the wall newspaper?
A、has write B、has to write C、have written D、have write
7、About 60 percent of the students from the south,the rest of them from the north and foreign countries.
A、are;is B、are;are C、is;are D、is;is
8、The number of pages in this dictionary about two thousand.
A、are B、has C、have D、is
9、Most European royal families each other by birth or marriage.
A、are connected with B、are joined to
C、has something to do with D、have relations with
10、Between the two roads a TV tower called "Skyscraper Tower".
A、stands B、standing C、which stands D、stand
11、----Have you heared that Tom,along with his parents, to France?
----Really?No wonder I haven't seen him these days.
A、has been B、has gone C、have been D、have gone
12、This pair of shoes .
A、is her B、is hers C、are hers D、are her
13、 and are going abroad next Thursday.Which is wrong?
A、The father;son B、The singer;dancer C、A singer;a dancer D、He;I
14、A and has been bought for you.Which is wrong?
A、gold watch;chain B、knife;fork C、desk;chair D、pen;pencil
15、Nothing but one desk and six chairs in the room.
A、are B、is stayed C、is D、are left
1----5BCDCD 6-----10DBDAA 11----15BBBDC
1、Every student and every teacher .
A、are going to attend the meeting B、have attended the meeting
C、has attended the meeting D、is attended the meeting
2、The New York Times all over the United States.
A、is read B、is reading C、are read D、are readed
3、There to be nothing wrong with her sister, ?
A、seem;isn't it B、seems;doesn't there C、seem;isn't there D、seems;doesn't it
4、Many a child to walk before he can speak.
A、learn B、learns C、learned D、have learned
5、This pair of trousers his brother's.
A、is B、are C、be D、were
6、I think Tom, you, to blame.
A、rather than;is B、rather than;are C、more than;are D、less than;is
7、The speakers at the meeting agreed that the ways in which television can educate a person
almost infinite.
A、be B、are C、is D、was
8、A horse and carriage not much used nowadays.
A、is B、are C、were D、is to be
9、 not only you but also he going to Beijing?
A、Are B、Is C、Were D、Was
10、Reading books one wise.
A、made B、makes C、make D、have made
11、One and a half days all I can spare.Don't forget the apples.
One and a half apples left on the table.
A、is;are B、are;is C、was;were D、were;was
12、Either the teachers or the president the meeting.
A、attends B、attend C、are attending D、have attended
13、"If anybody ,please put down name,"said the teacher to the monitor.
A、wants to buy the book;his B、want to buy the book;their
C、will buy the book;one's D、wants to have the book bought;her
14、My family large and my family reading.
A、is;enjoy B、is;enjoys C、are;enjoy D、are;enjoys
15、The customs and culture of America very much like of England.
A、is;that B、are;those C、have been;the ones D、has been;the one
1----5CABBA 6----10ABAAB 11----15AAAAB
1、Neither of your suggestions sense.
A、makes B、make C、is made D、are made
2、His "Selected Poems" first published in 1956.
A、were B、was C、is D、are
3、What he says and what he does .
A、is not agree B、are not agree C、does not agree D、do not agree
4、The worker, the visitors,is to answer for the fire.which is wrong/
A、and other than B、rather than C、as well as D、no less than
5、Reading magazines and novels helpful.
A、is B、are C、have D、has
6、Only one of the students who present to speak at the meeting.
A、is;is B、are;are C、are;is D、is;are
7、The manager or his secretary to give you an interview.
A、is B、are C、were D、have
8、Traffic police always busy.
A、is B、are C、was D、were
9、 teacher and student has been invited.Which is wrong?
A、Many a;many a B、Every;every C、No;no D、Each a;each a
10、You should try Larry and Kevin's restaurant because the best in the city.
A、theirs' is B、their's is C、they are D、their's are
11、More than one girl late for class this morning.
A、are B、is C、was D、were
12、Mary,not her parents, present at the party.
A、are B、have C、is D、were
13、About 65 percent of the students good,and part of them interested in biology.
A、is;are B、are;are C、are;is D、is;is
14、In this institution a medal together with a prize of certain sum of money gains success in science and technology every two years.
A、are given to anyone B、is given to whoever
C、are given to who D、is given to whom
15、Although many of the houses in the small town still in need of repair,there lots of improvement in their appearance.
A、are;has been B、is;have been C、is;are D、are;was
1-----5ABCCA 6-----10CABDA 11-----15CCBBA
1、Such films shown yesterday not worth seeing again.
A、that was;is B、as were;are C、as were;is D、those were;are
2、This kind of apple good.
A、taste B、tastes C、are tasting D、is tasted
3、He said that the twelfth and last lesson rather difficult.
A、were B、was C、will be D、are
4、Great quantities of fish in the river by the fishermen.
A、is B、are C、is caught D、were caught
5、Whether he will be able to pass the exam unknown.
A、is B、are C、was D、were
6、The United Nations an organization of independent countries.
A、is B、are C、was D、were
hTTP://WwW.TtxYy.cOm 述职报告 )
7、Bread and butter a daily food in the west.
A、is B、are C、was D、were
8、I don't think one hundred dollars a big sum of money to him.
A、will be B、would be C、is D、are
9、Up to now,the majority of the undergraduates enrolled for this selected course.
A、has been B、have C、had been D、would have been
10、 of the land in that district covered with trees and grass.
A、Two fifth;is B、Two fifth;are C、Two fifths;is D、Two fifths;are
11、It's not you but Mr Anderson who to answer the incident.
A、are;for B、were;to C、is;for D、was;back
12、 neither you nor your brother interested in swimming?
A、Are B、Is C、Do D、Does
13、Five multiplied by two ten.
A、is equal B、equals C、equal with D、equal to
14、A series of debates between the major candidates scheduled for the Labor Day weekend last week.
A、is B、are C、was D、were
15、The population of China over 1,200 million and eighty percent of the population peasants.
A、is;are B、are;is C、is;is D、are;are
1-----5BBBDA 6----10AACAC 11----15CDACC

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