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NPR在线听附文本(2010-01-24) 简介:Download MP3 Audio  把音频贴到我的博客(Qzone)或BBS 关闭MP3地址:音频页面地址:From NPR News in Washington, I am Korva Coleman.The US military says anoth…

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From NPR News in Washington, I am Korva Coleman.

The US military says another airport will open in Haiti by tomorrow. This will allow rescue teams to bring more help into the earthquake-stricken nation. Supplies have been backed up at the single airport open in Port-au-Prince, the capital. NPR's Jackie Northam is there where she says relief aid is trickling in.

The US took over the airport several days ago, and there were some complains that all we are trying to do, the US was putting their military people which make sense to help keep the distribution centers safe and that type of thing, but there have been complains that not enough aid flights were getting in because the US was putting its military flights in it. So now the US who have [has] taken over the airport say fine, the priority now is to get the aid in whether be fuel or water or medicine or what have you. But at this point, there are many many people who still haven't seen any relief whatsoever.

NPR's Jackie Northam in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Iran has formally turned down an offer to ship much of its enriched uranium out of the country and have it reprocessed into nuclear fuel rods. Iran had originally agreed to the proposal made last year by the United States. Iran objects now because officials say the process takes too long. Instead, Iran offered a counterproposal suggesting an immediate swap but the United States subjected that. Iran's decision came in a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is holding with the Pentagon says our productive talks with top officials in New Delhi, among the issues, discussed joint counter-terrorism efforts, relations with Pakistan and China's rising military might. From New Delhi, NPR's Mary Louise Kelly reports.

Secretary Gates is in Delhi for two days of talks aimed at strengthening the defense partnership between India and Washington. A senior defense official, who briefed reporters after the first round of talks, says the secretary delivered this key message - the US has learned from past mistakes and plans "to be involved in the region for a very long time". The official added that the US, India and its neighbors will need to make a collective effort to defeat the terrorism syndicate that's haunted in the region. Gates and top Indian officials also shared concerns about China's expanding military strength and Secretary Gates is managing to fit in a bit of sightseeing in India with a quick visit to the Taj Mahal. Mary Louise Kelly, NPR News, Delhi.

Massachusetts voters are going to the polls to select a new senator to take the seat of the late Ted Kennedy. Democratic Martha Coakley is facing Republican Scott Brown. Polling data suggests the race is very close. One main independent candidate is libertarian Joseph L. Kennedy who is unrelated to the late senator.

On Wall Street at this hour, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up nearly 100 points at 10,709. The NASDAQ is up 28 points at 2316. The S&P 500 is up 11 points.

This is NPR.

The American Kraft Foods company is buying the English chocolate maker Cadbury paying more than 19 billion dollars. Larry Miller reports from London.

After Kraft boosted its initial offer, the possibility of a hostile takeover faded, and the Cadbury board advised shareholders to accept the Kraft bid. Kraft said the deal creates a global confectionery leader. Since being founded 186 years ago, Cadbury has been the English candy company, but it's also seen as far more than a chocolate maker, and has a history of good employee relations and remains a successful company. Kraft says it will respect Cadbury's brands, heritage and people. Yet there is apprehension that in the hands of an American conglomerate, its character and taste will change and that UK production will go elsewhere. One immediate result of the Kraft takeover is that the Cadbury production facility earmarked for closure will now remain open. For NPR News, I am Larry Miller in London.

Internet company Google has delayed the launch of its mobile phone in China. Google has unofficially said why the company and the Chinese government are at odds over China's Internet censorship practices and recent episodes of email hacking into Google accounts.

Reports from Nigeria say there has been more fighting between Christians and Muslims in the central part of the country. At least 27 people are dead in the city of Jos and the military has imposed a curfew. Fighting began over the weekend when a Catholic church was burned and rioters attacked passers-by. More than eight years ago, fighting between Christians and Muslims in the same area left more than 1,000 people dead.

I am Korva Coleman, NPR News in Washington.

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