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NPR新闻在线收听附字幕(2014-06-14) 简介
NPR新闻在线收听附字幕(2014-06-14)         ★★★★★
作者:NPR英语 文章来源:www.ttxyy.com 更新时间:2015-3-28 21:02:13

From NPR News in Washington, I'm Jack Speer.

President Obama is calling the capture by insurgences of 2 major cities in Iraq an emergency and says the administration is working around the clock to decide the best way to help. NPR's Scott Horsley reports that could possibly include short-term military action.

The White House says president Obama is not considering sending US ground troops back Iraq, but other military options are being actively considered. Obama says he hasn't ruled anything out when it comes to prevent insurgence forces in Iraq for gaining a permanent foothold.

"Iraq is gonna need more help. It's gonna be more help from us and it's gonna be more help from international community."

The White House brushed off the criticism from congressional Republicans that is being slow respond to the situation in Iraq. Obama says ultimately the conflict would require a political resolution among Iraq Sunni and Shia muslims, including concessions from the Shia dominated government. Scott Horsley, NPR News, the White House.

Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is slated to arrive back in the US after midnight tonight. He's been flown to an army medical center in San Antonio from Germany. But NPR's Craig Windham reports the controversy surrounding the administration's swap of 5 Taliban detainees for Bergdahl shows no sign of subsiding.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel defended the deal in testimony before a House panel.

"We did what we believe which the best interests of our country, our military and sergeant Bowe Bergdahl."

He says prisoner swaps are parts of what he called the dirty business of war. The Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey, says the deal would be probably the last best opportunity to free Bergdahl. But House Speaker John Boehner has a different view.

"They're dead wrong on this issue."

He and other GOP lawmakers are accusing the administration on negotiating with terrorists, but Hagel says the deal was arranged by the government of Qatar in talks with Afghan Taliban which US does not regard it a terrorist group. Craig Windham, NPR News, Washington.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said today the government is providing humanitarian aid to immigrant children who try to flee across the border, in some cases without their parents. But Johnson also said the parents who think they maybe send their kids to a better life in the US need realize the dangerous involved.

"It's not safe; it's not desirable situation and I would encourage no parents to send their child or send for their child through this process."

More than 47,000 children are apprehended in the Mexican border since the start of the current fiscal year on October. Johnson says those were believed to enter the country illegally would be deported regardless of their age.

Shares of some major US airlines fell for second straight day amid rising oil prices some analysts worry could result in a falling profit. Oil prices spike for 3 months high today is made of the worse fighting in the Iraq since US troops withdrew in 2011.

On Wall Street today, the Dow dropped 109 points, to 16,734; the NASDAQ was down 34 points; the S&P 500 lost 13 points.

You're listening to NPR News in Washington.

The government of Sierra Leone is announcing a state of emergency in the Kailahun district following an outbreak of deadly Ebola virus there. This now claimed at least 16 lives. According to the government figure released today, there would be at least 48 confirmed cases of the disease and another 122 suspected cases in the area near the border of Nigeria. According the government statement, schools would be closed. To minimize transmission the public gathering would be banned.

Ford motor company will lower the fuel economy reading on 6 of its cars from the 2014 model of year due to a computer-modeling mistake. As Michigan Radio Tracy Simonton explains, the change affected about 200,000 cars in the US.

The cars are included 2014 C-max, Fusion and MKZ hybrids. The change dropped the C-max from 43 to 40 miles per gallon; the Fusion from 47 to 42 and the MKZ from 45 to 38. Ford also reduced the fuel economy number from the most version of 2014 Fiesta as well as its plug-in hybrid. Raj Nair is Ford's head of Global Product Development.

"As you know, fuel economy is very important for its customers and to us. It's our mistake plain and simple and we're apologizing to customers for Ford."

Ford will send checks to the affected customers for the differences between the previous and revised readings. The company will also change its testing procedures for future cars. For NPR News, I'm Tracy Simonton.

When it comes to potential dangerous activities like smoking, having sex or getting involved in fights, statistics show fewer teens are engaging in those behaviors. That's based on a 2013 study conducted by the center for disease, control and prevention. Just 15.7% teens said they smoke; just under 14.7% reported having a sex; over more reported texting while driving.

I'm Jack Speer, NPR News in Washington.

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