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2010中考英语选择填空题精选6 简介:         51.----_____ is your new teacher?   ----The one standing under the tree with a dictionary in his hand.   A. Who B. What C. Where D.…
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        51.----_____ is your new teacher?

  ----The one standing under the tree with a dictionary in his hand.

  A. Who B. What C. Where D. Which

  52.---Do you like being a teacher?

  ---- Sure. But my parents ____ me to be a doctor when I was a young girl..

  A. hoped B. want. C. wished D. expect

  53. The result is so ______ that we can hardly believe it.

  A. surprising B. surprised C. amazed D. surprise

  54.---He was ill and had two weeks ______.

  A. of B. away C. off D. out

  55.---Did you _____ the first place of the league match?

  ---Of course we did. We _____ all the other teams.

  A. beat, beat B. beat ,won C. win, won D. win, beat.

  56.---Sorry _____ being late.

  ---It doesn’t matter. In fact, you ’re just on time______ it

  A. for, for B. of, for C. for, with D. of, with

  57.---What he enjoys _____ great and interesting. ---Yes, but it’s dangerous.

  A. sounds B. sounding t C. sounded D. to sound

  58.---You look _______. What has happened to you?

  --- Everyone expected us to win the match, but we lost to the girls.

  A. sad B. sadly C .happy D .angrily

  59.---- Did you finish _____ the book?

  ---- Yes ,I did. Thanks ____ your dictionary, I had a better understanding of it.

  A. reading, for B. reading, to C. to read, for D. to read ,to

  60.----How ____ is it from here Ningbo to Xi’an? ----It’s about two ____ flight.

  A. long, hour’s B. far, hour’s C. long, hours’ D. far, hours’

  61.---Why did you come back so late today ?

  ----Because it heavily when the meeting was over. We had to wait until it came to a stop.

  A was raining B .is raining C. rained D. rains

  62.----Would you like to give us a talk sometime next week ?

  ----Sure. But what subject should I ?

  A. talk B. talk about C. talk with D. talk to

  63.---What did the headmaster _______ at the meeting?

  ---Sorry. I left the meeting before he _______.

  A .say, said B say, spoke. C. speak, said. D. speak, spoke

  64.---What about going to the concert?

  ---Good idea. Let’s ask Tom _____together with us.

  A. go B .going C. to go D. goes

  65.----Do you have any fun ______ together with the small children?

  ----Yes. I’ve experienced nothing other than pleasure.

  A to be B. be C. being D. are

  66.---There’s hardly anything but some old books in the room,_____?

  A isn’t it B. is it C is there D isn’t there

  67.----Would you like some tea, please ? ----Yes, I prefer tea sugar.

  A .to B .for C. with D. than

  68.----Would you please make the child any more ?

  ---Sorry, but I didn’t mean to. I just wanted him not to play with the fire.

  A don’t, cry B not, to cry C. don’t, to cry D. not, cry

  69.----What useful book !

  ---Yes, it is. But I find it difficult for me to read.

  A. an, very B. a, too C. an, too D. a, quite

  70.---Maths isn’t as as Chinese.

  ---I agree with you. I think Chinese is than any other subject.

  A easy, easier B easier, easier C easy, harder D hard, easier

  71.---Mum, will you take me to the park tomorrow? ---If it rainy.

  A. won’t B. doesn’t C .isn’t D. won’t be

  72.----Zhang Guorong, a HK pop singer, jumped from the top of a building and killed himself.

  ----What a pity! That’s because he had______ living in the world.

  A .been fed up with B. been pleased with C. nothing to do with D. been used to

  73.---Why don’t you go to the lecture-room and listen to the talk?

  ---I hear there isn’t in it.

  A .something new B. new anything C. anything new D. nothing new

  74.----I did badly in the long jump. ---- .

  A .Congratulations B .That’s great C. Well done D. Bad luck

  75. Miss Liu asked Tom to read the new words and students to listen to him.

  A. other B. the others C. others D. the other

  76.---Do you know the result of the race?

  ---Yes. The winner is a boy Lin Feng from Class 4.

  A.100-metres, called B.100-metre, calling

  C.100-metre, called D.100-metres, named

  77. The weather here is quite different that of my hometown.

  A .from B with C than D as

  78. ---Why not _____ him with his lessons? ---I’ve tried to, but he said he didn’t need any.

  A. help B. to help C. helping D. helped

  79.----Don’t play the dangerous game any more. ----Sorry! I do it again.

  A .can’t B. don’t C. won’t D. mustn’t

  80.---English is difficult subject. I even want to drop it.

  ---You’d better not. I’ll help you it.

  A. quite a, with B. a quite, with C. a very, for D. very a, with

  81.--- My car has broken down. Would you please send someone to ______?

  ---Ok, my driver will soon be with you.

  A. put me up B. pick me up C. drop me off D. turn me up

  82.---I hear a traffic accident happened yesterday. Was it terrible ?

  ---Yes. A car _____ and all the people in it were badly hurt. But luckily, none of them was killed.

  A .fell over B .fell behind C. fell off D. fell down to

  83.There are many teenagers ______ in the lake .

  A. swimming . B. swim. C .swam. D. to swim.

  84.---Do you think there are too many new words in this unit ?

  ---Yes, that’s right. I’ll first.

  A. look it up B. look up them C. look them up D. look for them

  85.---Something is wrong with the car. ---Don’t worry. I’ll have it _______ soon.

  A. fixed B. mending C .to repair D. to fix

  86.—Excuse me, where’s the West Hill Farm, please ?

  —Go the forest and the foot of the mountain you will find it .

  A. through, at B. across, at C. through, under D. past, under

  87._____noisy children ! Go and ask them to keep quiet.

  A. How B. What C. What a D. How a

  88.I’d like to go abroad for further study, but I _____afford it.

  A .don’t B. wasn’t able to C. can’t D. am not

  89.Mr Green living in China though he was born in London.

  A. would like B. wants C. hates D. enjoys

  90.—Here is a piece of paper for you !

  —Oh, thanks. It’s for me to write a long letter on.

  A. big enough B. enough big C. small enough D. enough small

  91.---Shall we leave for home now?

  ---No, I ______ here until Tom comes back.

  A .won’t wait B. will leave C. will wait D. won’t stay

  92.---Excuse me, but do you know the way to the hospital, please?

  ---Sorry, I don’t know, _____.

  A. too B .neither C .either D .also

  93.—You’d better work too hard like this.

  —I see. You mean working too hard makes one tired and ill.

  A .not B. don't C .not to D. won’t

  94.—Football by the British at the beginning of last century.

  —That’s probably why football is one of the most popular games in England.

  A. was invented B. invented C. was inventing D. invents

  95---I tried to make Kate ______ her mind, but I found it hard .

  ----Well, I saw you_______ that when I went past.

  A. change, do B. change , doing C. to change, do D. changes, doing

  96.—Must we move to the next room ?

  —No, you . You may still live here if you like.

  A. mustn’t B. don’t C. don’t have to D. won’t

  97.I find interesting to play games with children.

  A. that B. how C. what D. it

  98. are useful animals.

  A. Cow B. Pig C. Panda D. Sheep

  99.Be careful when the street.

  A. to cross B. cross C. you cross D. you’ll cross

  100.Take your time, you’ll make another mistake.

  A .then B. and C. if D. or


  51-55 DCACD 56-60 AAABD

  61-65 ABBCC 66-70 CCDBC

  71-75 CACDD 76-80 CAACA

  81-85 BAACA 86-90 ABCDA

  91-95 CCAAB 96-100 CDDCD

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